Why Organizations Should Opt for Advocacy Marketing in Today’s Digital World?

In today’s digital world employee advocacy is the number one technique used to promote brands and businesses. What is employee advocacy? Employee advocacy is when the employees of a company talk positively and promote their own organization on social media. The employees promote their brand on social media by using their social network channels. There are many benefits of employee advocacy that make businesses better.

The employee advocates are more connected to the customer audience and extend the reach of the company as they create better customer relations and provide better customer services. Employee advocacy can increase your brand engagement, the active and engaged employee that share brand messaging caused the audience to increase beyond the channel audience. It has been found that only 3% employee’s share company relevant content, but that has been found to increase 32% brand engagement. Another benefit of employee advocates is that they have been proven to be better than brand ambassadors.

Engaged employees have more passion to provide customers with better service, their knowledge of the product allows for them to have better interactions with their customers and have the power to take action on several issues relating to customer service and brand promotion. Employee advocates also help businesses grow, by providing employees with certain amounts of power to promote the brand, the popularity of the brand increases.

Entering the digital age companies and organizations often feel challenged to keep up with the fast high tech needs of the digital age. Some of the challenges that companies face in the digital age include meeting expectations of customers. Thanks to the smartphone and high internet speeds people can access everything and anything within seconds, due to this no one wants to wait in line and they expect companies to provide them services within limited time. Employee advocacy helps overcome this by proving information and services via social media within limited time.

Digital technology is not easy to use and not everyone is skilled enough to use it properly. To find someone and keep them as a long term employee is not easy to do due to the high demand. Employee advocacy allows for a company to train employees with the skills they require and allow them to take over the promotion for the company. This is cheaper than hiring a new employee and there is a guarantee of employee loyalty.